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Transforming A24's Ecommerce Experience

A24, a leading entertainment company known for its unique and daring film productions, needed to evolve its ecommerce platform. Together, we created a new online shop that not only allowed them to diversify their growing catalog of products but also to mirror the brand's distinctive aesthetic. Partnering with Type/Code, A24 sought to enhance user engagement, elevate conversion rates, and foster long-term customer relationships through exclusive offerings and premium subscriptions. By leveraging strategic insights, existing third-party platforms, and custom development, the redesigned shop has empowered A24 to engage their audience, drive conversions, and foster lasting brand loyalty in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our objectives

  • Support a growing catalog of products
  • Enhance discovery and conversion rates
  • Increase return traffic between high-profile product drops
  • Boost customer lifetime value with exclusive items and premium subscriptions
  • Elevate the overall shopping experience and align with the brand's unique identity.
  • Seamlessly integrate A24's user authentication and customer data systems across all platforms.

Our Approach

Strategy and UX

Beginning with a deep dive into A24's ecosystem, we identified pain points, opportunities, and overarching objectives. Leveraging our e-commerce expertise, we architected the new shopping experience to allow for a diverse and growing catalog of products, identified the optimal suite of platforms and third-party products to use, and defined the customization needed to realize our goals.

User Interface Design

Embracing A24's ethos, our design centered on clean and sophisticated layouts that prioritize product imagery. Typography was carefully selected to be clean and readable, with a touch of edginess to reflect the brand's distinct personality.

Scalable architecture to accommodate A24's expanding product inventory.
Enhanced cross-promotion and bundling through intuitive collections pages and product tagging.
Discounts and products offered exclusively to members
Subscription payments and dynamic, point-of-purchase upsells for AAA24 Membership.


Utilizing the Shopify Plus platform, we developed custom functionality to fit A24’s needs and seamlessly integrate third-party tools. From configuring a bespoke product analytics platform to implementing intricate features like pre-order capabilities and dynamic membership upsells, every aspect was meticulously crafted to enhance the user experience while meeting A24’s strategic and administrative goals.

Platform Customizations Included:

  • Custom Shopify theme
  • Advanced product bundling logic and customer discount rules
  • Seamless integration with A24's membership program, offering exclusive perks and early access
  • Custom payment gateway to facilitate recurring payments across platforms
  • Third-party email marketing tools with Klaviyo
  • Streamlined returns and fulfillment processes with ReCharge for a seamless customer journey
  • Product analytics suite consolidating customer data from across all of A24's digital platforms
Point-of-Purchase Membership Discounts
Dynamic Product Bundle Discounts
Advanced Product Variants

Our Results

Total Shop Orders
Total Shop Revenue
Conversion Rate
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Returning Customers
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